These are our standard corporate prices, the prices you are offered may differ slightly according to our acceptance policy.


Account Fees
Monthly Fees £9.95
Extra IBAN Order £5.00
Extra IBAN Monthly Fee £5.00
Dormancy - No Activity 1 Year £5.00
E.A.C Fee (Within 6 Months) £100.00
Recall Fee £25.00
Paper Statement Fee £10.00

Transaction Fees

Wire Deposit (USD Payments) £10.00
Wire Transfer (USD Payments) £15.00
Target2 SEPA IN (EUR payments) £4.00
Target2 SEPA OUT (EUR payments) £7.00
UK BACS Out £0.30
UK FPS In £0.30
UK FPS Out £0.30
SWIFT In £10.00
SWIFT Out £15.00
FX Margin  Dealing desk quotes 
FX Min Fee Dealing desk quotes 
Card Fees
Card Order £4.95
Card Re-order £4.95
PIN Re-order £0
ATM Fee £2.00
FX Fee 2.99%
Chargeback Fee £25.00
Urgent Card Re-order Fee £49.00
Card Dormancy Fee £99.00

Terms and Conditions 

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- Client accounts T&C’s
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